Tips For Overcoming Difficult Situations

  • Know that complex problems do not require complex solutions
  • Remember to breathe – slow everything down and soften your body – people read non-verbal cues even more than verbal ones so make your body relaxed. This also promotes the mirror effect.
  • Acknowledge what’s happening in the group, i.e. “Belinda I can see you getting agitated in the group, is there something you would like to say about this in less than 2 minutes as I don’t want all the group time taken up with this issue or would you like to discuss it later?”
  • Refer to group rules
  • Maintain neutrality – don’t get caught up in any drama or triangulation
  • Its ok not to know everything and say that, “look girls I’m just not quite sure how to manage this issue but let’s not it stop of doing what we have planned today. Let me have a think about it overnight ok and I’ll get ack to you tomorrow”
  • Contact your retreat trainee buddies for help, you can support each other. (However please do not send me endless Facebook messages and emails regarding the running of your retreats, I’m sorry I personally don’t have time to respond to these requests)
  • Site differing belief systems when someone is speaking in absolutes – “That’s one way of viewing the world Shelly” or “Perhaps not everyone has that belief system Rhonda”.
  • Self-disclosure – people often want to know a lot about you as the facilitator, this does not mean your personal life is on display, choose what you disclose appropriately.
  • Be gentle in your approach
  • Ask “what do you need right now?”

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