Different Types of Retreats

Different Types of Retreats

  • Retreats can be activity based, group process based or skill development based.

  • Activity Based – like the Art and Soul Retreat, where a mix of activities are created around a theme, creativity, jewellery making, art therapy etc. could also be hiking or diving or snorkelling.  

  • Group Process Based – These are personal development retreats that focus on enhancing your knowledge of self. This includes therapeutic based retreats, life coaching and personal development.

  • Skill Development Based – These retreats focus on developing a skill such as yoga, meditation or mindfulness. Nutrition, detoxing, personal training, energy healing, massage therapy etc.

  • Inspirational Journeys – If you are offering sightseeing tours with some of the above elements you may not want to call them retreats, best to always try and reflect the experience people can expect, you never want to confuse or disappoint participants. That is why I chose inspirational journeys. Other travel types of retreats could include things like pilgrimages, St Johns Way or Sacred Sights in the UK? These also have a retreat flavour.

Retreats are Transformational and Inspirational

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