Other Risks Associated With Running Retreats

Natural disasters – a Tsunami or ash cloud will create a panic

Social or political unrest – Thailand rioting in the streets, Fiji military coups

Change in currencies – i.e. your retreat is priced in AUS and you must pay in USD

People pull out at the last minute, worst comes to worst you break even

The retreat centre has issues forcing it to close – (such as a cyclone)

If you plan a retreat around an event such as a festival the festival could cancel or change dates, this has happened to me twice!!

Other risks you can think of or might need to be aware of?




With some of the above participants individual insurance would cover them, such as natural disasters, however change in currency and last minute cancellations is up to you to manage so think about this when planning your retreat, your venue, the time of year, currency fluctuations and do you have enough people booked in to cover cancellations, and is your cancellation policy robust enough to also cover this.