Hiring Other People

Partnership Agreement 

You can use the template below as suggestions for what you may like to include in your partnership agreement with accommodation providers, tour operators etc. 

Think about including everything that they will provide and everything that you will provide.


  1. Name of retreat partner

  2. Agreement

With this contract ….. forms a partnership agreement with  ….. with the purpose of executing the retreat dated …. (8 night package) This is an exclusive retreat. i.e. no other people are in attendance.

Pricing – Twinshare $$$ and Single room $$$ per person. This retreat includes meals, taxes and accommodation. 

The partnership is limited to this purpose and timeframe and this agreement does not relate to any further arrangement beyond this project.

  1. Services provided by …Organise the retreat and manage all logistics associated with the tour participants, transport, guides etc. including all travel, meals, entry fees and accommodation bookings from (first day of trip) to (last day of trip). Handle all trip decision making including any contingency planning that needs to occur on the trip because of weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

  2. Obligations undertaken by …

Undertakes to carry out the following:

Provision of compulsory travel insurance documents and disclaimers for tour participants. Provide full list of participants and flight details for airport transfers

  1. Financial Transactions

All funds for the tour will be collected by … and transferred to … via Bank Transfer/PayPal. … will not be responsible for an additional bank transfer or conversion rate differentials or fees.

  1. General Terms

… forfeits any rights/claims under this agreement should it be discovered that any information provided to ……….. is either false or fraudulent.

Name : __________________            Name : _____________________

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