Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Your feedback is important to us. It shapes how we develop our programs in the future.

Did you find that the actual experience trip matched your expectations?

Yes          No

Why? (This may include things about the accommodation, meals, location, group activities, costs involved or just a more general expectation).

What did you most enjoyed about the trip?  

What did you least enjoy or would have preferred to have been left out of the program?   

In retrospect was there something that was missing from the trip outline that you would like included in future retreats?  

Do you have any comments about Tammie’s or The Venues, attention to detail, or other information that would help them to improve their performance? 

Any other general comments you would like to make? 

Would you recommend or attend another Vibrant Women Trip? 

Do you give permission for these comments to be used on The Vibrant Women Personal Development website with your first name only?

Yes    No  

We appreciate you taking the time to fill out this feedback form and hope we get to spend time together again the future.

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