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A beautiful, nurturing range of organic teas and tisanes, blended by hand from original recipes. Perfectly complemented by homemade tea accessories.

Embrace Organic Tea has been created by Amelia and Sharon, out of our love for drinking and blending herbal teas.

For many years we have mixed our own blends, and sought the highest quality ingredients to use. After drinking many cups of tea, and making and documenting little changes to each cup, we have created a beautiful, nurturing range of organic tisanes (herbal tea blends) to share with you.

We established our shop in June 2015, and will continue to experiment and blend new delicious tea creations to add. All our blends are created and mixed by ourselves, at our home in Brisbane, Queensland.

We are passionate about our environment, and ensuring we take care of it for our children. All our tea packaging and labels are made from recycled materials; and our bags are biodegradable and compostable.

If you would like to see a particular kind of blend, or a mix of your favourite flavours, please send us an email to and we can discuss it further.

We know you will love Embrace Organic Teas as much as we do! Wholesale enquiries welcomed.


How does our Alchemy Range work for you and your retreats?

Start your retreat mornings with our Vitality Elixir flushing your liver and supporting your joints. Our flagship, the alkalising Alchemy Supergreens offers a further detox and energy boost that is great for your overall stasis. Feeding your guests high frequency foods can really support their retreat journey.

Are you moving through your day looking for some chocolate love? We have it covered with a non jittery adaptogenic boost, the Cacao Elixir.

Once you arrive at the latter part of the day and are able to rest and rejuvenate try our clean tasting Soothing Tisane herbal infusion.

We are delighted to wrap your retreat in an alchemical story throughout your day to support yoru guests to feel nurtured and nourished.

Visit or contact Shakti Grace @ for more details.


Imagine at the end of you retreat giving guests, perfect, personal, homemade cards to take home with them. Kerrie only charges $5 a card plus postage. Just let her know your theme, branding and business name and she can make cards to your specifications. Perhaps just request one first to make sure its right before putting in a group order.

You could theme it to your retreat such as yoga, tropical, arty and use it as an opportunity to thank your guest for attending, lovely to go with the farewell gift.

Just contact for more details and to place your order.


Life’s Potential skincare range nurtures both physically and emotionally and that its aroma instils a deep sense of wellbeing. Each product is formulated using aromatherapy and kinesiology knowledge to create a blend focused on therapeutic benefits. Through kinesiology, the most appropriate essential and carrier oils are selected and the formula calculated in concentrations that are safe and results focused. Every product is blessed with Tibetan bells and infused with the energy of rose quartz crystals.

The ingredients used in the Life’s Potential skincare range are chosen for their purity, therapeutic qualities and safety. In keeping with the focus to support and nurture the self and our planet, companies with sustainable and ethical growing principles are chosen to supply our ingredients. No synthetic chemicals, processes or genetically modified (GMO) ingredients are used in our organic and natural product range. The products contain no animal ingredients and are not tested on animals.

Imagine being able to offer on your retreats this therapeutic, chemical free, vegan skincare range as a gift on arrival in the bathrooms of your accommodation, or at the end as a take home treat. Travel sizes also available, just contact Vesna for more details at or email at