Our Partners

Below we have listed our partner services to make planning your next retreat as easy as possible, we are updating this list regularly.

We have three tiers of partners we works with:

  1. Vibrant Facilitator Graduates – These are women who have completed our training and are offering services to our community, where possible we always try to support these women first.
  2. Tried and Tested – These are services that Tammie Day or our Graduates have tried and tested as providing good services.
  3. Recommended – People, products and services that have been recommended to us but we haven’t used them ourselves as yet.

Click on the images below to get started and if you have a service or product to offer our graduates please request the Partners Info PDF from admin@vibrantwomentraining.com

*Note Vibrant Facilitator Training may receive a one off 5% introductory fee for introducing our graduates to some our partners. This fee is absorbed by the partner and does not impact on our retreat leaders.