Online Facilitator Training Bonuses

As if gaining the knowledge, skills and confidence to run your very own retreats is not incentive enough. These bonuses will support you well into the future as your business continues to grow. In addition one of the most important factors contributing to the success of starting a small business is being part of a community and receiving ongoing support from that community. We have created the perfect package to help you succeed with your retreat dream.

BONUS #1- Hands on

You can join us on our annual Retreat Recce (reconnaissance – a preliminary research trip). Each year as a group, we explore different environments for running retreats, usually at a reduced rate. We have not scheduled a recce during Covid but when we start again we will let you know. 

BONUS #2 – Lifetime access

Lifetime access to this course. You may be considering a 5 year transition plan, that’s great! So you want to get started now to take small steps in the right direction, but further down the track, say in three years time the practical elements will need revising, well you will always have access to the entire program, so just get started! Just keep your log in details in a safe place and bookmark the Online Facilitator Training Home Page.

BONUS #3 – Further clarification

As part of this training you also receive a free 1/2 hour call or video session. Use this session to fine tune your retreat ideas or ask any questions not yet answered or clarified. We’ll get you going with confidence!

BONUS #4 – Join the club

Graduates of our training program become part of our supportive and growing community of Retreat Facilitators. This provides you with VIP access to our “Facilitator Hub” which includes resources and partners that only our graduates can access. You can also choose to be listed on our Graduate Facilitators Page and join our Facebook private group “Vibrant Women Retreat Facilitator Graduate.”

**Passwords will be supplied on purchase of the program.

BONUS #5 – Further savings

If you decide down the track you want to attend a physical Retreat Facilitator Training Program, even though you have already completed the online version, you will receive a $250 discount off the price of your training.

All of this training could be tax deductible, please discuss with your accountant.

BONUS #6 – Making more of a difference

$25 from each purchase of this course will go to our India Charities and if you ever come to India with us you will get to see the amazing work your support has created.

Jagori Rural Charitable Trust – Jagori’s mission is to create a just and equal society for all. They address discrimination on gender, caste, religion, disability, and sexual identities. They aim to strengthen the voices of women and girls and ensure their right to life and safety.

Samadhan Dwarka – is an NGO in Delhi that provides services and education to children with disabilities and their families.

BONUS #7 – Money back guarantee

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you feel that after completing all lessons in this online course that you have not acquired the knowledge and skills to run your first retreat then we will refund you the cost of the program. We can afford to make this offer as we know how exceptional the program is and that no-one else offers anything like it.

*Please note these bonuses only apply to people who have purchased this course. The purchase of this course is for one person only. IP addresses are monitored for multiple users. If multiple users are found you will be contacted and if unable to explain the multiple users your access to the course and benefits will be revoked. If you request a refund you also lose access to all other bonuses associated with this course.