A “host” is described by the Oxford dictionary as “a person who receives or entertains other people as guests” and this is in a nutshell the role of a Vibrant Women Travel Host.

As Vibrant Women Travel prepares for the next exciting part of our adventure we want other fabulous women to join us. These are women who have completed our Retreat Facilitator Training, and thereby have an understanding of Tammie and her principles and feel that they would be well placed to represent our business – Vibrant Women Travel.  To be an eligible representative you must have also attended the tour you are applying to be a host, as this is critical to increase your knowledge, reduce your stress, support you in feeling organised, and provide our guests with the best possible experience.

Vibrant Women Travel provides Retreats and Inspirational Journeys worldwide. We are also open to suggestions from you in regards to adding new tours to our itinerary.

Your role: is to support our guests throughout their tour in a caring and compassionate way. We have local guides on all tours, so you are not in charge of the logistics, although you will be expected to know what is happening from day to day. Your  role is more of a caretaker, making sure the needs of the group are being met and trouble shooting any potential issues. It also helps if you feel connected to or passionate about the country you are visiting. 

We expect you to embody a positive representation of Vibrant Women Travel. We are a community and we want people to fee like this too. Any negative or disrespectful discussion of Tammie, Vibrant Women Travel or participants on your tour will not be tolerated. We are sure you will act in a professional and respectful way. 

*Tours proceeding will be dependent on minimum numbers. If numbers are not met the tour will either, not go ahead, or Tammie will have to host it herself. The minimum number required for your tour to proceed be discussed with you. 

Your Responsibilities: 

  • Ensure the itinerary is being adhered to.
  • Support the guide (where reasonable) if requested to do so. For example the guide may ask you to take some of the group back to the bus while they wait for the rest.
  • Connect with each member of the group individually to make sure they are feeling supported and included.
  • Address any issues or needs of the group, for example a woman may need something for a chemist but wont want to ask the guide, or may be feeling homesick for their children so perhaps you could help them navigate a facebook video chat.
  • Have fun!

What is provided to you:

  • Even though we are not with you during your trip (we are in spirit) you will be fully briefed prior to departure, provided with all necessary group documentation and Vibrant Women Travel staff will be available throughout your journey to answer any questions and provide you with support. 
  • Full payment for your trip, including one days accommodation before and one day after the tour. This is so you can settle in and also greet any early arrivals or late departures.
  • Return international flights from the arrival and departure cities as per the itinerary. If you want to stay longer or travel afterwards on your own that is fine, as long as the price of the flight is the same. This flight will be from the capital city in your state. You must be able to get to the nearest capital city to you at your own expense. We do not pay for additional transport or flights. We will provide you with our preferred flights including one day before and after the tour, if you wish to stay longer or have different flights this is ok as long as you pay any difference in price from our quoted flight price.
  • Travel insurance for the dates of the tour. Please note we can book this for you, however it does ask medical questions. We like to book it for you as there is specific cover we get that covers business eventualities and we book the highest level of insurance for you. 
  • Meal allowance of $50 per day including the day before and after the tour commences and concludes. Breakfasts are included on all tours and drinks are at your own expense.
  • $200 per day payment for the days of the tour from the start day to the finishing day, not including the days before or after. This is for 6 or more people. If you have less than 6 people we will not ahve the extra to cover any additional wages. 
  • A 15% discount off any tours that you may like to host but have not attended as yet.
  • One free online workshop, course or teaching manual per annum as a complimentary gift to you from our Vibrant Women Training website.
  • Any bookings or referrals that come through you for your tour you will receive an additional $100.
  • For any tours that have more than 10 people you will receive an extra $100 per person as an acknowledgement of numbers in the group, (our tours normally host between 10 and 18 women)
  • One email newsletter at the end of the tour to the guests from your tour promoting any of your own retreats or tours. *We prefer you don’t actively promote your own retreats or tours separate to Vibrant Women Travel during the tour you are hosting for us, however as you will make a connection with the women we want you to be able to stay connected we will set up a private Facebook group for you to interact during and post your tour. Here you can share photos and stay connected and also share other tours you are hosting for Vibrant Women Travel or your own retreats and or tours.

Please note this is not just a paid holiday, You do have an important role to play in the group. The benefits for you however may be many and unique such as gaining confidence and experience. You may follow our tour with one of your own thereby reducing your flights costs. 

If you would like to become a Vibrant Women Travel Host please complete the form below and we will get back to you shortly xx

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