Welcome Wonderful Women!

At Vibrant Women Training we have created affordable, accessible training programs to inspire women to shape their knowledge and skills into meaningful and useful content to share with others

Welcome, Vibrant Women!
You are here because you want to share
with others your knowledge, expertise,
adventures, passions, hopes and dreams.
And you want to do this in a well-planned,
professional, exciting and confident way.
We want to share this knowledge with you
so you too can share your wisdom with

At Vibrant Facilitator Training we have created our own tried and tested approach to running groups, workshops and retreats. 

Our trainings are practical, meaningful and affordable and designed especially for you.

Our Partners are experts in the field who can guide and advise you. 

Our resources are designed to provide you with ongoing support and information. 

Though our training’s, resources, support networks, and one on one support we can guide you through every step of making your retreat dream a Reality.  

Our trainings are for women who work in the health, welfare, caring and healing fields, or those who wish to. 

  • Therapists/counsellors
  • Artists/Writers
  • Light workers/Healers
  • Psychologists/Social Workers
  • Health Practitioners
  • Yoga/Dance/Movement teachers
  • Meditation/Mindfulness teachers
  • People who have some knowledge or a qualification or skill to share with others.
  • Women who want a better work/life balance, that provides location and financial freedom.
  • Women who are burnt out and need a career change.
  • Anyone who has something to teach

Our four brand values are: 

Inspirational, Aspirational, Integrity and Quality

We implement these values in your business by:

  • By providing value for money, good quality, realistic and responsive trainings.
  • By creating a community of likeminded women so we can support each other.
  • By building confidence so women take the next step in their journeys.
  • One-on-one support and ongoing support available.
  • Lead by example, using the core values above.
  • Continuous feedback and improvement of services.

Explore our website to get started on making your next dream come true xx