I am an Australian-based Trainer, Yoga, Mindfulness and Nia dance teacher, Retreat Facilitator and Tour Operator.

I am the founder of Vibrant Women Training and Vibrant Women Travel. Work that enables me to pursue everything that makes my heart sing, (this is code for having lots of fabulous fun, supporting women to change their lives and making new friends).

Addicted to travel, ice-cream and coffee. Lover of massages, sleeping in, sunsets, sarongs, sweet musings, star gazing, day dreaming, aromatherapy, nature and belly laughs.
I believe in giving back and meaningful interactions.

I am committed to supporting women to stay Vibrant in a world that can sometimes feel as though it is dulling your sparkle.

I spend my days planning way I can support you to do this too.

I can’t wait to meet you ….. xx

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