Storytelling NOT StorySelling

Link what you are selling to something people can relate to, “I wanted to go the Marigold Hotel because I loved the movie so much. Have you seen the movie? I have now created an entire Inspirational Journey around just that!”

Tell your story of how you started your business, what it means to you and how you love what you do. “I really wanted to work for myself. I read the “Passion Test” Book by Margaret Attwood, have you read it? It really helped me to prioritise my passions and gain clarify about what I should do with my strengths and well this is it, Retreats for women, I love my life!”

Don’t tell people you are telling them a story, just start with a hook, “oh when I was in South Africa recently, I had the most amazing experience, can I tell you about it?”

Even when people ask me about my business, I still just tell them a story. I say what would you like to know about and they say, “Oh your Bali retreats look amazing and I say, “you know I first went to Bali 25 years ago, wow it was different then. The first time I went to the monkey forest ……… and then at the end just swing back around, but now of course things are much more modern, the massages are better, the food is amazing, and you can get a good cup of coffee”


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